Colorado Water - Live Like You Love It

Colorado water is a vital resource because millions of people depend on it. The snow that falls in the Colorado Rockies provides water to people in 18 states, not to mention Colorado itself. Clean water keeps us and thousands of plant and animal species alive and sustains a healthy recreational economy. The population of Colorado will double by 2050 yet there is no way to double our water supply. The need to use water wisely grows greater everyday. We must conserve it. We must protect it. We must Live Like We Love It

Commit to learning about water issues so you can voice your opinions to elected officials, water utilities, and your community on how we should use, manage, and plan for an adequate water supply.


The latest and greatest Live Like You Love It materials that were developed in 2019 are available online for Campaign Partners. Not yet a Campaign Partner? Visit the Campaign Partnership page for more information. 

About the Campaign

Colorado WaterWise has been working to develop a statewide campaign that holistically educates the public on water conservation and water quality and encourages people to engage in positive water decisions. 

Through a series of stakeholder meetings and initial fundraising, the Colorado Water - Live Like You Love It campaign was officially launched in October 2014. The campaign slogan: Colorado Water – Live Like You Love It was selected to emphasize the emotional connection Coloradans have to our water and encourage everyone to be good stewards to our most vital natural resource.

Colorado WaterWise developed an inaugural toolkit that provides partners the ability to use the LLYLI brand and information materials to educate the public on Colorado water. Subsequent phases will include additional communications tools to broaden the reach and message.

By consolidating funds and resources and streamlining messaging, we can collectively make a bigger impact in educating Coloradans about a resource no one can live without.

Colorado WaterWise Members and Partners - Log-in above to access toolkit materials. To find out more about the toolkit and partnership, visit the Campaign Partnership page.

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