Metro Mayors Caucus Water Conservation Memorandum of Understanding

The Metro Mayors Caucus (MMC) is a cooperative alliance of the mayors of 31 cities and towns in the Denver metropolitan region. The Caucus is a unique collaboration of elected officials providing leadership and creative solutions on some of the most challenging issues in our region.

On January 22, 2005, 28 of the 31 Metro Mayors Caucus members signed into being a historic, precedent setting Water Conservation Memorandum of  Understanding. Once signed, this voluntary initiative required guidelines for implementation and management. The MMC requested Colorado WaterWise's assistance in working together to create a document of Best Management Practices for water conservation and stewardship.

The document was prepared for use, first by the Metro Mayors Caucus members, and second, by the water providers in Colorado who want more details before updating or writing their Water Conservation Plans. Implementing the BMPs is totally voluntary. Looking at the BMP document will help water providers of all sizes decide which BMPs to include in their conservation plans. For each management practice, the document provides a description, a list of benefits, a list of potential barriers to implementation, cost considerations, criteria to determine BMP implementation status, and a list of current and relevant resources.

Since the science and art of conservation always evolve, the BMPs will evolve as well. CWW and the Metro Mayors Caucus will begin work on additional BMPs for topics such as reuse/recycling, lining ditches and canals, and other supply-side efficiency measures.

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