Water Conservation Symposium


Thank you for another fantastic Symposium! Congratulations to Stu Feinglas, recipient of this year's Gardener Award.

2017 Presentations & Resources

The Hidden Value of Landscapes - Alison O'Connor, Colorado State University

Youth Play a Key Role in Conservation - Amanda Mathias, Mile High Youth Corps

Water Wise Neighborhood - Catherine Moravec, Colorado Springs Utilities

From Grant to Citywide Rollout: Empowering Customers with Data and Insights - Dominique Gomez, WaterSmart

The Hidden Reservoir: Diversifying Water Supply Through Land Use Planning - Becky Fedak, Brendle Group

Keynote: Everyone Forever - Kelly Latham, Water For People

Peak Day Water Demand Reduction Study - Peter Mayer, WaterDM

Water Stewardship Fact Sheet - Rick Schultz, Town of Castle Rock

The National Western Center's Water Resource Center - Theresa Connor, Colorado State University

Z-Zone Landscapes - Tim York, Aurora Water

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