Board of Directors

Ruth Quade, Co-Chair
Water Conservation Coordinator
City of Greeley

Ruth is a Colorado native and received her Bachelors degree from the University of Northern Colorado in Biology with an emphasis in Environmental Studies. She has worked as the Water Conservation Coordinator for the City of Greeley since 1997. In this role, Ruth survived the drought of 2002. Working with landscape professionals, she revised the watering restrictions that had been in place since 1907 from a demand management tool to more closely match the landscape's needs. Ruth's passion has always been the landscape aspect of conservation. Before coming to the city, she managed a local greenhouse and garden center and has been a volunteer with the Colorado State University Extension Master Gardener program since 1994 and chair of RMSAWWA Conservation Committee from 2005-2011.

Alyssa Quinn, Co-Chair
Water Conservation Officer
Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District

Alyssa is a Colorado native and has been at Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District for 11 years. Her duties range from selling water and sewer tap permits to running the Districts Asset Management program. For the past 7 years she has been in charge of the conservation program where some of her projects include working with the Jefferson County School District and the Learning to Be Water Wise program and running numerous Xeriscape classes. She also works closely with Denver Water and is currently the Chairperson of the Distributor Conservation Committee. Alyssa also is a member of the RMSAWWA Conservation Committee and the Colorado Water Utility Council. In her spare time she loves being with her husband and two little boys.

Amelia Nuding, Co-Treasurer
Water-Energy Analyst
Western Resource Advocates

Amelia Nuding joined Western Resource Advocates in 2010. As a water-energy analyst, she works with utilities, municipalities, and state agencies to align water and energy efficiency programs, improve the integration of water and land use planning, and she conducts technical, spatial, and policy analysis to advance these goals. She has worked in the environmental sector since 2005, and was a science teacher for several years before that. She has a Masters in Water Resources Management from the Bren School at UCSB, and a bachelors in physics from Vassar College.

Lyndsey Lucia, Co-Treasurer
Public Outreach / Field Instrumentation Technician
Northern Water
Lyndsey is a Colorado native and received a Bachelors degree from Colorado State University in Environmental Horticulture with a concentration in Landscape Design. In 2009 Lyndsey joined the Irrigation Management Department at Northern Water. Public Outreach/Field Instrumentation Technician is the role she plays in the department. Lyndsey is a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor through the Irrigation Association. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, camping, hiking, yoga, photography and spending time with family.


Lindsey Bashline, Co-Secretary
Customer Relations Specialist
Loveland Water and Power

Lindsey joined Loveland Water and Power in 2009 and works as a Customer Relations Specialist. Lindsey focuses on the residential sector including managing residential energy efficiency, water conservation, renewable energy and customer relations. During her tenure with the City she has coordinated and developed an array of residential and commercial programs.  Lindsey holds a BA in Business Management with a Concentration in Innovational and Organizational Management from Colorado State University.

Nona Shipman, Co-Secretary
Outreach and Recruitment Manager
One World One Water, Metropolitan State University

Nona joined the One World One Water Center for Urban Water Education and Stewardship at MSU Denver in April 2013 as the Outreach and Recruitment Manager. Before coming to the OWOW Center she had worked on the statewide Colorado Water 2012 campaign with the Colorado Foundation for Water Education. Originally from Northern Virginia, Nona moved to Denver in 2011 as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer and loved the experience so much she decided to stay in Colorado and pursue further water education opportunities. She has a BA in Communications from Lynchburg College and welcomes the opportunity to incorporate her degree with her passion for raising the awareness of precious resources. Nona likes to spend her free time hiking with her dog Mavett, dancing to bluegrass music, and practicing yoga.

Rose-Marie Clouse
Water and Energy Conservation and Sustainability Manager
City of Fountain

Rose-Marie Clouse has been with the City of Fountain since 2008 and works in the capacity of the Conservation and Sustainability Manager for both the Water and Electric Utilities.  She is responsible for water conservation planning and reporting, as well as measurements of program influence. She has been actively enhancing and developing the City’s conservation programs, beautifying the City with low water use demonstration gardens and offering workshops on conservation to Fountain customers.  Rose-Marie has been a Fountain resident for over 39 years and is honored to be a part of the City’s water and electric sustainability efforts.  She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Technical Management and Project Management from DeVry University and is currently working on her LEED Green Associate and Project Management Certification.

Michael Thomas
Conservation Specialist
Denver Water

Michael joined the Conservation Team at Denver Water in 2013.  Michael's primary duty is to collect and analyze data on our own programs and to assess their effectiveness. He also assists in the research and implementation of water efficiency benchmarks for the customers in Denver Water's service area, specializing in the CII sector. Presently Michael works with the marijuana and brewery industries to assess their consumption and water saving opportunities. Before working at Denver Water Michael studied water policy, conservation and law both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Michael earned his BA in Environmental Studies and International Relations at Franklin College Switzerland. Michael graduated from the University of Denver with a Masters in Public Policy. 


Leslie Martien
Water Resources Engineer

Leslie joined Aquacraft in 2002 after completing her Bachelor of Science in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering at the University of Colorado.  Her work with Aquacraft includes residential and commercial audits, water efficient landscape design and system planning projects evaluating new conservation technologies. Leslie contributed to the Guidebook of Best Practices for Municipal Water Conservation in Colorado with an emphasis on landscape water budgets, landscape design, installation, and maintenance, and irrigation efficiency.  She provides training to engineers and utility staff interested in utilizing Aquacraft’s Trace Wizard and Meter Master programs. Leslie continues her association with the University of Colorado as a guest speaker and as an industry representative. She serves on CU’s Joint Evaluation Committee to review the objectives and outcomes of the undergraduate programs in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering. She is an editor for and regular contributor to the Colorado WaterWise newsletter and serves on the Colorado WaterWise Annual Event committee.

Diana Denwood
Senior Water Conservation Specialist
Aurora Water

Diana Denwood is a Senior Water Conservation Specialist at Aurora Water specializing in adult education, xeriscape design and horticulture. She joined the City of Aurora Planning Department in 2009 as an energy grants specialist and moved to the Water Department in 2011 to continue her efforts in sustainable living. Diana’s career theme is resource conservation, efficiency and ecological preservation. She has a master of urban and regional planning from the University of Colorado Denver with an emphasis in environmental planning and a bachelor of arts in sociology from the University of Illinois.


Laura Wing
Water Conservation Administrator
City of Thornton

Laura earned a B.S. in Biochemistry at the University of Vermont and moved to Colorado in 1989. She has 21 years experience working for water utilities in water quality, water rights and water conservation. As a Water Conservation Administrator for the City of Thornton, Laura manages water conservation programs including water efficiency incentives/services, social marketing campaigns, and water-wise demonstration gardens.

Becky Fedak
Brendle Group

Becky supports a wide range of projects at Brendle Group, including greenhouse gas inventories; energy profiles; climate and sustainability planning; and on-site energy, water, and waste assessments. She also has extensive experience as a water resources engineer and is well versed in water operations modeling and large scale water resources planning and design. Additionally, Becky has a comprehensive set of business skills, including project management, triple bottom line analysis, and business plan development. With an undergraduate degree in civil and environmental engineering, Becky continued her education with a Master of Science degree in Business Administration focusing on global, social, and sustainable enterprise.  While completing her graduate work, she founded Running Water International, a social enterprise in Kenya, Africa that addresses water resource challenges of the developing world.  She continues to serve as Technical Director for the organization's multi-cultural team. 


Renee Davis
Water Conservation Specialist
City of Fort Collins

Renee is a licensed professional engineer specializing in water and environmental issues. Renee's recent focus has been water efficiency but her experience also includes water treatment. Renee has worked as a researcher and now she is in the trenches as a water conservation specialist. Renee is a current member of Longmont’s Water Board. Renee grew up in the Upper Arkansas River Basin, which has given her an additional perspective on water issues. By working with Colorado WaterWise, Renee can help other water conservation departments be more effective and coordinated.


Kate Gardener
Senior Water Programs Manager
Center for ReSource Conservation

Kate has been with the Center for ReSource Conservation for the past 5 years where she has managed a variety of large scape conservation project like Garden In A Box and Slow the Flow.  Kate has developed an expertise in irrigation, auditing, landscape conservation and Xeriscape, as well as indoor water efficiency.  Through Kate's ongoing work with 25 regional municipalities, she has gained a deeper understanding of water issues both in the Front Range and in the State of Colorado.


Frank Kinder
Senior Conservation Specialist
Colorado Springs Utilities

Frank Kinder is a Senior Conservation Specialist for the Water Services Division of Colorado Springs Utilities. His responsibilities include commercial indoor water conservation programs and rebates, and serving on local boards and committees. Prior expertise includes sustainability planning for the US Army at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, implementing broad sustainable solutions such as energy and water conservation, land use planning, green building construction, providing education and outreach, and implementing an ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management System. He has organized, hosted, managed and presented at conferences, including the yearly Southern Colorado Sustainability Conference. He has a master's degree in Applied Geography with emphasis in Sustainable Development from the University of Colorado and an undergraduate in Finance and Information Technology.

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