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Colorado Water

Ignite NCAR VII The Future of Colorado's Water, a Seuss-like Tale

CIRES' Jeff Lukas presents Colorado's water and future projects from the Colorado Water Assessment using a Dr. Seuss-like rhyme that brings cleverness and smiles despite the subject's gravity.

Outdoor Water

Native Vegetation in Xeriscaping

A slide presentation advocating use of native plant species entitled "The Use of Native Vegetation in Xeriscaping" creates habitat for native wildlife while reducing the risk of invasion. The presentation was originally prepared and presented by Greg Cronin of University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center on March 8, 2007. (You must have MS PowerPoint to view presentation)

Xeriscape Links

Interested in a yard that is more drought resistant and requires less irrigation? Known as Xeriscape, these landscapes can save you money because they also require less maintenance, pesticides and water, while attracting beautiful native birds. Explore your landscape's potential by thinking beyond turf. Our Xeriscape Colorado pages include examples of Xeriscape gardens, information on clinics in your area and plant lists to help you design a garden that will thrive and look beautiful.

Lawn Watering Workgroup

In 2002 and 2003, a group of Front Range water providers and landscape professionals formed this workgroup to develop a more unified approach to lawn watering guidelines and other water demand management approaches. The documents that summarize their work are below.

FINAL Recommendations for Lawn Watering during Drought_2003.pdf

FINAL Watering Times by zone_2003.pdf

2 Day Watering Schedule_2003.pdf

Drought Car Wash guidelines_2003.pdf

Drought Management

Colorado Water Conservation Board

February 2013 - Request for Water Provider Info for CWCB Drought Website

CWCB Drought Resources

CWCB Drought Planning

Colorado Climate Center Drought Resources

American Water Works Association Drought Resource Community

Alliance for Water Efficiency Drought Response

Green Industries of Colorado (GreenCO) Best Management Practices

Indoor Water

Gary Klein's Protocol for Evaluating the Layout of a Hot Water Distribution System

EPA WaterSense: Understanding the WaterSense Label

Graywater Control in Colorado: HB 13-1044 & Regulation 86

LEED for Homes, ENERGY STAR and WaterSense

Denver Water Water Conservation Presentation

Colorado Springs Utilities Presentation on Strategic Planning

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