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The Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Water Conservation Committee is continuing the work of the Northern Colorado ICI Water Conservation Workgroup. For more information on the accomplishments of the workgroup, please see the report.

Inspired in part by the work of the CII Water Conservation Workgroup, a CII Water Assessment Tool is being developed. The tool can be used by water utility staff, professional engineers, and end users alike to assess their water use while still allowing more advanced auditors to change assumptions and customize fields.

The CII Web Tool is being updated. To be added to the distribution list to receive a copy of the CII Water Assessment Tool once it's available in March 2015, please contact the Brendle Group.

We need members with experience or interest in CII water conservation to join this committee.  Contact us  if you would like to help with the some of the action items the workgroup came up with, listed below.

  • Water auditing templates with information organized by sector
  • Regional brochure on CII water conservation
  • Regional factors for greenhouse gas emissions related to water use and conservation
  • Outreach materials organized by sector
  • Data collection/process matrix
  • Technology-based education programs organized by sectors
  • Central technical expertise for screening new technology products related to CII water conservation with information distribution
  • Benchmarks and/or normal usage information for top CII sectors relevant to region, including evaluation strategies for conglomerate organization (e.g., multiple businesses of numerous sector types within a shopping center, master water meter, etc.)
  • Program coordination or resource sharing within various water providers or other interested organizations within region
  • An CII water conservation handbook with relevant information, including benchmarks and audit templates
  • A dynamic, interactive, and up-to-date regional website for CII water conservation
  • Group-level advocacy and related effort toward State of Colorado government support for ICI water conservation
  • AWWA report based on information from this study

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